CSCP instances

CSCP (capacitated square covering problem) instances

Here are the CSCP instances used in paper:

  E. Boros, T. Ibaraki, H. Ichikawa, K. Nonobe, T. Uno, M. Yagiura,
  Heuristic approaches to the capacitated square covering problem,
  Pacific Journal of Optimization, 1 (2005) 465-490.

all instances (zip)

The format is as follows:
Each file named i$n$-$\mu$-$c$ contains an instance 
with $n$ points, density of $\mu$ and capacity $c$ 
of a square. 

The 1st line represents: 
	side length $l$ of a square,
	capacity $c$ of a square and 
	the number $n$ of points.

Each of the other lines corresponds to a point $i$ 
and represents:
	x-coordinate $x_i$, 
	y-coordinate $y_i$ and 
	demand $d_i$.

Mutsunori YAGIURA (y a g i u r a "at" n a g o y a - u . j p)